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Prayer Alert for Israel

Terrorist Rocket Fire Endangers SGA’s Israel Workers

Dear Partners in the Gospel,

By now, many of you have heard the news reports of increased tensions in Israel due to increased rocket attacks from terrorists in the adjacent Gaza Strip. This increase of tensions comes days after Hamas announced an end to its “cease fire” with Israel, and in the midst of several surrounding Muslim nations undergoing revolutions or civil war.

Today, it was reported that Israel’s navy has sent additional warships to the maritime border with Egypt — one of only two Arab nations that officially has a peace treaty with Israel. Officially, Israeli security officials say the maneuvers are routine, but others report intelligence showing that there is an “imminent threat.” Ynet News reports that military intelligence believes an Islamic Jihad terror cell has left the Gaza Strip and intends to try and infiltrate Israel through Sinai.

Dr. Oleg Korotky, the former president of the SGA-sponsored Almaty Bible Institute, is now stationed in Ashkelon, Israel, where he is coordinating training for Russian-speaking Jews who have immigrated to Israel from former Soviet countries. His family resides only a few miles from the Gaza border, and the area has sustained several rocket attacks. There was a series of terror attacks in southern Israel beginning in mid-August, claiming the lives of eight Israelis. Israel’s western Negev desert communities have been on the receiving end of heavy shelling from Gaza-based terror groups.

This is potentially a serious situation, and we ask you to join us in praying not only for the safety of Oleg and his family, but also . . . for the peace of Jerusalem (Psalm 122:6). May many be drawn by the Lord to saving faith as they face these ongoing dangers and struggles.

For our Savior,

Bob Provost


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