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The “Transformation” Story

Transformation Children's Home

In January 1998—a new, private children’s home opened in the nation of Kazakhstan. It was called the Transformation Children’s Home—opened for the purpose of raising orphan children under loving Christian discipleship!

It all began through the visionary leadership of a caring Central Asian pastor and his loving wife.  They started with only seven children. But since then, 156 orphans have called Transformation their home. Supported in part through the SGA-sponsored Orphans Reborn ministry, our faithful, prayerful partners have had a generous hand in pointing these needy children toward the Savior’s love.

The pastor said that the burden from the Lord to help these children grew steadily in their hearts over time . . .

Transformation Children's Home

A formerly run-down, kindergarten has been transformed today into a beautiful home of hope and Christian love.

The desire just grew stronger and stronger to help the children. But how many children can one couple adopt into their already large family? We couldn’t take them all, so we decided to establish a Christian children’s home. God provided and we obtained a broken-down, two-story building that was a former kindergarten. It required a great deal of work! The building was terribly run down, and we basically had to rebuild it. But at last, we finished it and the long-awaited day came!

According to the pastor , the first orphans who came into the new home were quiet and withdrawn, with demeanors like hunted animals. They had to learn so many things like basic hygiene, good manners, and how to treat others. As time passed, more children began arriving at Transformation—most often because they had to be taken away from their drunken or drug-addicted parents.

Helping Broken Children Heal . . . and Excel!

For in You the orphan finds mercy (Hosea 14:3).

The bell choir

The bell choir is one of many ways the orphan children praise the Lord!

The children at the home are developing in many ways under the pastor’s  and his wife’s loving, biblical stewardship. Some show musical ability, others are budding young artists, while others excel at sports. They participate in worship services, sing in the choir, play bells, and joyfully recite poems during Christian holiday services such as Christmas and Easter. And they are learning to give of themselves. The teenagers save their money earned during the summer and give small gifts to elderly brothers and sisters. They also love to visit those who are disabled and elderly, and to perform for them.

Eventually, the day comes when the children reach age 18 and must leave the home that has become so dear to them. But the pastor and his wife and the orphanage workers are still involved, helping to get the young people established on their own . . .

repairs needed for run-down home

Local church workers lovingly stepped in to repair run-down housing for orphanage graduates.

As a rule, the majority of youths do not have their own place to live, so we try to set them up temporarily at youth shelters that we have purchased. They are apartments that were broken down, but we remodeled them. The government recently stepped in and began giving out apartments to the children, but they often need major repairs. The young people are trying to study in college and become licensed to work and don’t have the money. God stepped in and brought brothers and sisters to help. Thank you for giving these children not only valuable financial help, but also for giving them hope—showing them that they are loved and needed. You show them how great God’s love is, and that they can have lives filled with the joy of knowing God.

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