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The Young Pastors of Russia

Editor’s Note: In the pages of InSight, we have been pleased to report the many exciting achievements in national youth ministry across Russia and her neighboring countries. Thousands of teenagers and young adults are receiving sound discipleship in the Lord, and more—these young people are also Youth IN Ministry, committed to reaching their generation with the life-changing Gospel. In the brief article below, Russian UECB national youth director Vlad Treskin shares the story of a dedicated young missionary pastor hard at work in Far East Russia—thousands of miles from Moscow in an uniquely challenging place for Gospel ministry. 

Late last year, we were able to gather together in Moscow with brothers and co-laborers from across all of Russia—a huge amount of territory! In addition to myself, there were seven regional youth ministry coordinators, one of which is Pastor Vladimir from Vladivostok. In this Far-East Russian port city on the Pacific coast, Vladimir and his young church are having a tremendous impact for Christ—even sending a Russian missionary into China with the Gospel! Vladimir shared his story with us . . .


Wanting to reach more for Christ, Vladimir moved his family to Far-East Vladivostok.

Three years ago, my family and I moved to Vladivostok to plant a new church. Our first evangelism focus was student ministry. The Russian government invests a lot of money in the Vladivostok region, trying to turn it into a kind of “eastern capital” of Russia. The city is brimming with students from every nation, and many come from next-door China!

I didn’t know the Chinese language or any of these students personally. But we prayed, and then a year ago, several of the Chinese students called me and told me that they wanted to study the Bible! Oh, what a miracle it was! We began to meet once a week for Bible study and prayer, and the first few times we could only communicate by sign language.

The next miracle from the Lord was a young man named Boris. He was a Russian student, but he knew Chinese fluently since he had lived in and studied in China earlier. He helped us greatly for a year, but now he has moved back to China to serve as a full time missionary! Pray for Boris, and for the progress of the Gospel in China. 

We had four fruitful days of conferring with each other and being encouraged with reports such as this. Afterward, we spent two weeks teaching a new generation of youth leaders in Moscow, helping to prepare them for effective ministry. Another example is Pavel Kozorezov from the Volga region. He is a young man in his late 20s, with a young, growing family. Pavel is the regional youth coordinator for the Volga region and also the youth leader for Central Church in Nizhny Novgorod, the same church his father pastors. His father is the regional pastor for the Nizhny-Novgorod oblast (state)—a man who raised Pavel and his 10 other children for Christian service. Pavel and his two brothers are in full time ministry to young adults in Russia. During Easter week last year, they took the young adults of their churches out to the main streets of their city to read the New Testament out loud, and distributed more than 3,000 Bibles! 

We in Russia’s youth ministry want to express our thankfulness for your support every month. Thank you for being there for us in the Lord!

Vladimir with youth group

Even with a language barrier, these young men and women are eager to study God’s Word!

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