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Caution from CIS Leaders in Wake of Ukraine Unrest

NB46-June Article 4_1Leaders in other CIS nations were cautious in their remarks following Russian president Vladimir Putin’s intervention in Ukraine earlier this year. According to Reuters, Kazakh president Nursultan Nazarbaev said that his nation “understands the position of Russia, defending the rights of national minorities in Ukraine, as well as its security interests.” Kazakhstan has the second largest post-Soviet economy in the CIS. Together with Belarus, Kazakhstan is in a Moscow-dominated customs union that Russia wants to see expanded to become a new Eurasian Union. According to EurasiaNet, current customs union members—Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus—are expected to form the cornerstone of the new Eurasian Union. Armenia and Kyrgyzstan, also have pledged to join, with other formerly Soviet states potentially to follow. The EN article also said some observers view Russia’s efforts an attempt to create a “Soviet Union lite.”

Regardless of what final political arrangements come out of international summits, our prayer—as always—is that religious freedom would be recognized and protected in all former Soviet nations, and that evangelical churches will be able to worship and proclaim the Gospel without hindrance. Please continue to intercede for our brothers and sisters across the CIS.


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