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Crisis Care and Evangelism: Helping Churches Respond in Violence-Torn Ukraine

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Partners in the Gospel,

The nation of Ukraine is in crisis. Yet even in the midst of bloodshed and being caught in the middle of superpower conflict, faithful Ukrainian churches—made up of both Russian and Ukrainian Christians—are reaching out to refugees from the violence and other victims in the love of Christ. I’m writing today to ask you to pray regularly for these developing Gospel opportunities to reach the lost. There is also a tremendous opportunity for you to help through SGA if the Lord so leads!

SGA has been working in Ukraine and other former Soviet countries since 1934—serving churches and reaching the lost with the Gospel. In recent days, we have received several reports from evangelical church leaders detailing their warm desire and concrete plans to reach out in Jesus’ name—meeting the needs of refugees and needy families fleeing from violent, high-conflict regions. The crisis response teams they are organizing will help local pastors who have few resources, and will enable their churches to distribute food aid, Bibles, Christian literature, and other essentials as needed and available. Most of all, distressed families and individuals will hear the life-changing Gospel and experience the love of Christ—the only true hope for ultimate peace and reconciliation. In response, we have created a Crisis Evangelism Fund to help the churches seize these opportunities for ministry.

It is very rare that I ask for financial gifts in an SGA prayer alert. Almost always, these alerts are solely intended for awareness of intercessory prayer needs, remembering SGA founder Peter Deyneka’s motto: “Much Prayer, Much Power.” However, this is such a wonderful opportunity for Gospel ministry to people whose lives have been shattered overnight. It is also an opportunity to help Christian brothers and sisters in great need, and are living in regions where Baptist believers face increased hostility and pressure.

If the Lord leads you to help, you can visit this special page at SGA’s website: Or call 1-800-BIBLE-50. Thank you in advance! You are a great blessing and encouragement.

For our Savior,

Bob Provost


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