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Petro Poroshenko Apparent Victor in Ukraine Poll

Ukrainian voters went to the polls today, and preliminary counts show that billionaire confectionary magnate Petro Poroshenko may have won the balloting with enough of a margin that a run-off election will not be necessary. The BBC and other media report that Mr. Poroshenko captured at least 56 percent of the vote in Sunday’s election. Voter turnout was estimated at 60 percent.

The election did not take place without serious difficulties in some regions. The city of Donetsk and other areas in the pro-Russian eastern part of Ukraine refused to allow voting to take place. It remains to be seen what the final outcome will be once the results are confirmed and Mr. Poroshenko takes office.

We will be monitoring the situation and will post updates as warranted. Please join us in praying for complete peace to return to Ukraine, and that the Lord will protect our brothers and sisters in the churches as they labor to proclaim the Gospel and share the love of Christ.


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