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Prayer in the Ukrainian Parliament

This brief report was sent to us through Ukrainian church leaders who have first-hand knowledge of the events described. It is truly a wonderful report and a powerful example of how God governs in the affairs of the world. To think that only less than 30 years ago, Ukraine was governed by atheistic communism. Yet today, members of parliament are gathering for prayer. Great is the Lord, and greatly to be praised (Psalm 96:4).

On Wednesday, June 11, members of the Ukrainian parliament and international guests gathered for the Parliamentary Prayer Breakfast that—Lord willing— will now become a tradition. While in eastern Ukraine, shooting and violence continued as police troops battled separatists, the capital of Kiev saw politicians and government leaders humbling themselves in prayer to God for peace. It was a unique gathering where politicians representing different parties could put aside their differences and unite in the spirit of the Lord Jesus.

The Prayer Breakfast was an historic event, not only because it took place during historic times, but also because we are now prayerfully witnessing the formation of a new Ukraine—a Ukraine with rule of law, true democracy, and Christian principles. National Prayer Breakfasts are long-standing tradition in the United States, Germany, and European countries.  These nations sent delegates to support Ukraine in its struggled for closer ties with the European Union.

In Ukraine, believers across the country are interceding in prayer for their nation, as their parliament makes history and begins holding prayer breakfasts across party lines.

In Ukraine, believers across the country are interceding in prayer for their nation, as their parliament makes history and begins holding prayer breakfasts across party lines.

The Prayer Breakfast took place under the auspices of parliamentary speaker Alexander Turchynov, who also briefly served as acting president until Petro Poroshenko’s inauguration June 7. Brother Alexander is a preacher in one of Kiev’s Baptist churches. The leaders of other churches also participated at this Prayer Gathering. They read Scripture, preached the Word of God, and talked about Jesus’ principles of peace. They urged the participants not to look for help in people or in political figures, but come instead to the Lord Jesus, who is . . . the way, the truth and the life (John 14:6).

During the last 10 months, our nation has undergone many trials, shed lots of tears, and lost many innocent lives. Such suffering has united us and made us turn to God for help and redemption. A small group of parliament members meets regularly to read the Bible and pray. This is an incredible phenomenon, especially in a building that still has some communist symbols, and where not so long ago, laws were passed to promote atheism and suppress Christianity.

Times have changed, but we still have other challenges. Every day people are fighting and dying in eastern Ukraine, where armed insurgents and hired terrorists fight with the Ukrainian army to split the country apart and ruin our unity. Only God is capable of stopping the bloodshed and giving peace. Today more than ever, we need your prayers and the attention of the world community. We ask you earnestly to keep praying for Ukraine.

Please join the SGA family in regular intercession for our brothers and sisters in Ukraine. If you would like to help evangelical churches help those in crisis and reach their people with Christ’s love in these troubled times, click here to learn more about SGA’s Crisis Evangelism Fund.


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