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Reaching Out to Refugees in Christ’s Love

Violence continues in eastern Ukraine and the political crisis remains unresolved. But evangelical churches across Ukraine are modeling the love of Christ as they reach out to the families and individuals who have been impacted the most.

Eric Mock, SGA’s vice president of ministry operations, recently returned from Ukraine where he had opportunity to talk with pastors and observe what they are doing to respond to the heartbreak of their nation. “The churches remain unified and are working together for the sake of the Gospel. Missionary pastors see such hardship as an opportunity for the Gospel and are undaunted by the conflict around them. Some have left, but these faithful shepherds remain.”

In south-central Ukraine, local Christians were asked to help 80 Tatar Muslim refugees from the Crimea region. This group of refugees had been told numerous negative things about Christian pastors, and that Christians were idolaters. But what they encountered didn’t match what they had been told. Instead, they found that a local pastor had given up his home, and students of the local Bible college had given up their rooms to give the refugees a place to stay. The students are sleeping on floor mats in their classrooms. SGA was able to provide the church with study Bibles to distribute. As Eric relates, “Later, this group of Muslims explained that if the Christians had come to their door, they would not have let them in because they would have felt like they were dishonoring God. It took the situation in Crimea for them to hear the true Gospel of Jesus Christ.”

Ukrainian churches are ministering to the needs of refugee families—believing and unbelieving—with the help of SGA partners.

Ukrainian churches are ministering to the needs of refugee families—believing and unbelieving—with the help of SGA partners.

There are other refugee families besides the Muslim Tatars. Some are believing families who have evacuated for the safety of their children, while others are non-believing families and individuals who have received help from the churches.

This is a vivid illustration of what SGA’s Crisis Evangelism Fund is intended to help make possible. The believers in Ukraine are running out of resources, but gifts to the fund will help provide the means needed to feed and care for the refugees and others impacted by the crisis. SGA partners have stepped in to help in other ways, and have even made it possible for the churches to hold summer camps for the refugee children, which provides yet another opportunity for the life-changing Gospel.

Please continue to intercede in prayer for the hundreds of heartbroken families and individuals whose lives have been shattered. Pray for the churches as they share God’s love and the hope of the Gospel to the many who are struggling with hopelessness. To find out more about SGA’s Crisis Evangelism Fund, please click here.


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