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Ukraine Crisis Evangelism Fund Update

NB51-Jan Article 3_1When SGA began seeking the help of our partners with our Crisis Evangelism Fund last year, the violence in Ukraine was only just beginning. Thanks to you, our partners, we were quickly able to begin equipping the evangelical churches with emergency funds to provide food parcels and other assistance to refugees from eastern Ukraine and the Crimea region.

As time went on and the fighting continued unabated in the east, SGA staff and UECB church leaders discreetly toured the combat zones to assess the local needs of SGA-sponsored missionary pastors and their congregations. The pastors and their families had significant needs themselves. But the opportunity for Gospel ministry had been granted by the Lord. Faithfully, they have seized it by taking the love of Christ to unbelieving families whose lives had been shattered.

Feeding the hungry, following the example of our Lord.

Feeding the hungry, following the example of our Lord.

SGA partners came through in a major way. We were able to step up the provision of food parcels, as well as mattresses and bed linens to help the churches house the many refugees. The food parcels contained evangelistic literature, and the Word of God was distributed to help bring comfort to the refugees. Just as the Lord Jesus Himself observed in His earthly ministry, they were . . . distressed and dispirited like sheep without a shepherd (Matthew 9:36). Families were housed in private homes, church buildings, summer camps, and even in dormitory rooms at Vinnitsa Bible College,  Irpen Biblical Seminary, and Odessa Theological Seminary.

Only eternity will reveal the impact of all the ministry that has taken place—and will continue to take place as long as the need is there. Thank you so much for all you have helped accomplish for the sake of the Gospel!


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