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Gratitude from Ukrainian War Refugees in Belarus

For well over a year now, the eastern third of Ukraine has been torn apart by constant civil war. As the turmoil continues, more and more families are fleeing their homes to live in safer areas. Because of the speed with which these families were forced to leave, their poor temporary housing and lack of food and water—as well as other challenges—are the realities of their new living conditions.


Leonid and his young family are thankful examples of the refugee families you have helped through support of SGA’s Crisis Evangelism Fund.

Thanks to SGA partners like you, we’ve been able to send funds and supplies to Ukrainian refugees through our Crisis Evangelism Fund. Recently, we’ve received several reports of how these gifts have touched the lives of these displaced families, and we’d like to share just a few of them with you . . .

Hello, my name is Elena. My family and I, including my four children, have moved from Ukraine to Belarus. We are very thankful to you and the church for your support. Thank you so much for caring for our family.


My family is very thankful to you for your support. We (I, my wife, and our two children) moved from Ukraine to Belarus and for a time, I couldn’t find a job and it was hard for us financially. Finally, I have found a job in forestry as a driver.


 My family and I moved to Belarus because of the civil war. We rent a small house and maintain a garden so that we can have vegetables to eat. Our family is very thankful for your support. It is a difficult time for us and your support is very helpful. Thank you so much.

Leonid and family


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