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Compassion for the Suffering in Ukraine

By Eric Mock
SGA Vice President of Ministry Operations

. . . in a great ordeal of affliction their abundance of joy and their
deep poverty overflowed in the wealth of their liberality
(2 Corinthians 8:2).

After I finished preaching Sunday at an SGA-supporting church in Illinois, something very special happened. God is continuing to prompt the hearts of believers here in North America to help refugee families in Ukraine.

During both my message and Sunday school, I talked about the needs of thousands of people in eastern Ukraine, and how SGA is helping believers there to reach out to them at the risk of their own lives. A lady named Mary came up to me after the worship service and reached out to shake my hand. And in her hand was $100! As Mary handed me the money, she said, “The people in those villages need this more than I do. Please make sure this helps them.”

The suffering in Mary’s own life has given her a heart for others in great need. We thank the Lord for her generosity.

I asked Mary to tell me about herself, and she revealed a lifetime of significant pain and suffering. She had been injured when young in two terrible car accidents when, and many bones in her body were broken. The second accident was particularly severe—a very heavy cement mixer truck struck her vehicle. The people who gathered at the scene expected her not to survive. However, God had other plans. Mary indeed survived, and was hospitalized for three months. But the Lord intervened. Mary has had a very difficult life, but she is now a woman who loves God, and gives generously of what little she has.

Please pray for Mary and the church on an ongoing basis, and also continue to intercede for evangelical churches as they keep ministering to needy families through SGA’s Crisis Evangelism Fund. We are thankful, and God is being glorified!


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