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Refugees in Russia

While much attention has been given to SGA-sponsored Crisis Evangelism Fund humanitarian relief in Ukraine, thousands of refugees from the conflict have flooded into Russia and other nations of the CIS. In Russia, SGA-sponsored Orphans Reborn worker Ludmila Yatsko reports on how her church in the Ivanovo region is helping refugees cope with their heartbreaking losses . . .

Several towns in eastern Ukraine have sustained heavy damage in the fighting.

Several towns in eastern Ukraine have sustained heavy damage in the fighting.

I thank my Lord that He has enabled you to help us meet the needs of people who are facing such difficulties in their lives related to the military actions in Ukraine.

Klava is a grandmother who fled here with her daughter Alyona, 3-year-old grandson Dima, and older granddaughter Masha. They are from Lugansk, Ukraine. Klava told us that the family’s father was killed in the fighting. They are at present in the village of Batmana on a collective farm, and have been given an apartment for one year. We helped them get registered, which takes a lot of work. You have to visit the village administration, the town council, the farming council and community leader. None of these offices wanted to get involved because there are so many native local people who need assistance. But we offered the family assistance with food, firewood, and also shared the Gospel with them.

According to Ludmila, their labors to help these families have drawn the attention of local unbelievers, who are also chipping in. One neighbor near the church donated his old washing machine and went with us to the village to help do some construction work on a house. Other churches have helped, and ears are being opened to hear of Christ’s love! Ludmila says the stories are so similar, and so very heartbreaking . . .

Almost every family has a similar life story. We are helping them with housing, as the authorities set up sections for those who have suffered. The houses being provided are not nice—they are only dilapidated homes. But they are providing some shelter and we are able to help as God provides. One mother and her two children are in such a home. We learned of their need and provided them with a two-burner electric stove—the hot plate they had was unusable. We built them a fence near their house and helped reinforce the floor—the foundation is rotten. We thank God we can help them!


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