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Comfort for the Brokenhearted in Ukraine

He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds (Psalm 147:3).

One of the most sorrowful tragedies of the conflict in Ukraine is the impact the bloodshed and displacement has had on thousands of children. SGA’s Eric Mock and his wife, Kristi, recently returned from a visit to Ukraine where they encouraged SGA-sponsored missionary pastors who are ministering to thousands of refugee families. These pastors and their churches are able to help the refugees thanks to your support of SGA’s Crisis Evangelism Fund (CEF). Eric shared the story of one refugee family they visited, and how God is using one of our missionary pastors to do His work in their broken lives . . .

This family is displaced and impoverished due to the conflict. The pastor we visited helped provide them with temporary housing by taking the paralytic owner of a local apartment into his own home so the refugee family could move into the invalid’s apartment. 


Eric (far left) and Kristi (second from right) Mock visited this refugee family shortly before the young mother’s passing.

Sadly, we just learned that the children’s mother (pictured with Kristi) suddenly passed away last week. She had given birth to a new baby just weeks earlier. But by God’s grace, and through the loving ministry of the pastor, she trusted in Christ and repented of her sins before she died. Praise God! But these dear children are now alone and staying with their late mother’s sister, who has four children of her own. They are examples of why your support of the Crisis Evangelism Fund is so important. 

Please pray for these children, who are grieving over the loss of the mother they loved, and for their newborn sibling. Intercede also for the faithful pastor and his church as they continue ministering Christ’s love to the children. And above all, pray for the ongoing ministries supported through the Crisis Evangelism Fund. As winter deepens, the needs will surely increase. The impact of this ministry is truly overwhelming. Never underestimate the importance of what you are doing for the kingdom, for God has raised you—and the faithful churches of Ukraine—for such a time as this.


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