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Crisis Update: Ukraine

NB64-April Article 3_1Pastor Ruslan (Eastern Ukraine)

Since the Ukraine crisis began, we have received a steady stream of reports sharing how the gifts of SGA partners are helping local churches render aid to refugee and needy families, and share the life-changing Gospel. Not long ago, Pastor Ruslan sent us a short thank-you letter from an 80 year old woman named Zoya. Your help for her came just in time . . .

Our tears often show our feelings of grief, whether moral, material, or physical. My tears were brought by gratitude to our heavenly Father. I am 80, single, and one day I was told that I had to undergo abdominal surgery. After I left the hospital, sisters from the church took care of me; and now I am trying to live a normal life.

In this very difficult time, I received very unexpected assistance intended for those who are in serious need. I was overwhelmed by realizing that there are people whose hearts are not indifferent to other people’s needs, and it made me cry. I am very thankful for your support and for good works that you do! May the Lord provide for you in every way and bless you richly!

NB64-April Article 3_2Pastor Ruslan says that Zoya is very open to the Gospel and they continue to minister Christ’s love to her. And there’s more. Ruslan and his church have been reaching out to four families in his region. One refugee family comes from an Azerbaijani background, and there are three young children. The wife is disabled. Ruslan reports that the help from the church is having an impact on them all . . .

This family is in great need. The wife, Marina, and her children regularly come to church now, and Alik, the father, came for our harvest service and celebration. I did not just provide money or food parcels, but also gave Alik employment in the church. In this culturally sensitive way, Alik’s dignity as a man was preserved—he was able to work t support his family. We have developed a friendly relationship and our church has become a special place for him. 

It is not always possible to share photographs from the aid distributions due to sensitivity and security, but all the families are deeply thankful to know that there are others who care deeply for them. And the churches we serve are thankful for all the Gospel opportunities the aid distributions provide. Please keep praying for this ministry, that it will continue to reap an abundant spiritual harvest.


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