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Ukraine: The Need Has Not Gone Away!

Recently SGA’s Eric Mock was in Ukraine to visit and encourage faithful missionary pastors and churches in the east of the country who continue to face enormous hardships because of the ongoing conflict. The news headlines are not reporting on Ukraine much these days, but the fighting has not stopped and conditions are still very dangerous.

Severe poverty and homelessness continue to impact many families in eastern Ukraine.

Severe poverty and homelessness continue to impact many families in eastern Ukraine.

Today, Eric looks back a couple of weeks to his time in two eastern Ukraine villages. We are not identifying the specific locations, but ask that you pray for Pastors Vladimir and Mikhail as they minister in the midst of heartbreak and war . . .

These two cities are in the Donetsk region, where the people struggle with poverty and a flood of refugees, or what the authorities call “Internally Displaced People.” For many outside of Ukraine, the conflict seems over and done with. But for those I met and stayed with for several days, the anxiety from gunfire remains and growing poverty has become the new normal. By God’s grace, the faithful pastors—equipped with resources you helped provide through SGA’s Crisis Evangelism Fund—are seeing God at work in the midst of suffering. The churches are growing, and people are coming to faith and being baptized. In many ways, its a modern day book of Acts, where the church was spread and advanced in the midst of hardship.

This problem is not going away soon. Because of the destruction of the region’s infrastructure, poverty and joblessness will be concerns for quite some time, and the churches still need our help. Please pray along with us that our Lord will prompt the hearts of many here in North America to rise up and support these churches. They are the hands and feet of the Lord Jesus, reaching out with physical help and the Gospel to the the lost and hurting. Pray for peace in Ukraine!


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