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Ukrainian Churches Plan Days of Prayer for Peace in Ukraine

Today I received a message from Pastor Valery Antonyuk, president of the Ukrainian Baptist Union. He reports that fighting has broken out again in the separatist eastern regions of the country, and that the churches are doing all they can to help affected families and individuals. In addition, the churches are planning special days of prayer on April 2 and 3, asking the Lord to bring an end to the war and for peace to return to Ukraine. [READ MORE]

A Warm Welcome for the Gospel in Ukraine

While Pastor Pavel Dudka’s church is located in western Ukraine, the people in his region are still affected by the war and bloodshed that is taking place in the eastern regions. Churches across Ukraine have been reaching out to refugees and other needy families, and God is using this troubled time to draw many to Himself. Pastor Pavel recently shared a wonderful account of how even city officials are open to hearing of Christ’s love. [READ MORE]

Our One and Only Hope—Jesus

We’ve received another report of Christmas ministry happening around the CIS. This time, Pastor Pavel in Ukraine wrote to us about a service he hosted in his city, where he told everyone about our one Hope—Jesus. [READ MORE]

2016-2017 Immanuel’s Child Report

We are thankful to the Lord—and to you, our faithful partners—for yet another tremendous season of children’s ministry through the SGA-sponsored Immanuel’s Child (IC) Christmas outreach. Here are some excerpts from some of the wonderful reports we have received. May you be encouraged as you read! [READ MORE]

Innercircle Perspective

First, I want to thank everyone who prayed for and sponsored the recent Immanuel’s Child Christmas outreaches throughout the former Soviet Union and in Israel. While we don’t have all the reports in yet, I was recently in Khabarovsk, in Far East Russia. While there, I received several wonderful, exciting reports about how our Lord blessed the IC children’s Christmas outreaches in a number of churches. [READ MORE]

Immanuel’s Child in Ukraine

Reports are continuing to come in from Immanuel’s Child Christmas ministries across the Commonwealth of Independent States. As SGA-sponsored missionary Pastor Vladimir Kachmarchyk reported recently, the giving of gifts on Christmas is a relatively new concept in his region, but the Lord used them to open the door for the Gospel. [READ MORE]

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