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A Warm Welcome for the Gospel in Ukraine

While Pastor Pavel Dudka’s church is located in western Ukraine, the people in his region are still affected by the war and bloodshed that is taking place in the eastern regions. Churches across Ukraine have been reaching out to refugees and other needy families, and God is using this troubled time to draw many to Himself. Pastor Pavel recently shared a wonderful account of how even city officials are open to hearing of Christ’s love. [READ MORE]

Our One and Only Hope—Jesus

We’ve received another report of Christmas ministry happening around the CIS. This time, Pastor Pavel in Ukraine wrote to us about a service he hosted in his city, where he told everyone about our one Hope—Jesus. [READ MORE]

Preaching the Gospel Near Europe’s Highest Mountain

Russia’s Caucasus Mountains region has some of the most beautiful scenery in the country. Yet the scenic beauty can be misleading. The Caucasus region has seen horrific violence in recent years, including two wars between Russia and separatists in the Muslim-dominated republic of Chechnya. It’s a region that desperately needs the Lord Jesus and His redeeming love. [READ MORE]

Ministry and Martial Arts in Russia’s Vast Krasnoyarsk Region

Alexander Paskhovets SGA Missionary Pastor Coordinator for Russia While traveling through Russia’s vast Krasnoyarsk region recently, I had the wonderful opportunity to meet many SGA-sponsored missionary pastors. I would like to share the story of one special brother who uses martial arts as part of his unique church-planting and evangelism labors. Alexander’s ministry encompasses a […] [READ MORE]

A Man Called Hope

While visiting pastors and observing SGA-sponsored Bible training in Central Asia, I had an opportunity to meet a man who has serious physical challenges. His name is Umed, which translated into English means hope. And his story is indeed one of hope and trust in the Lord. [READ MORE]

Encouraging the Church in Pokrovsk

Pokrovsk is a village several miles from Yakutsk and located along the famous Yana River. With temperatures well below zero, we pulled up to an older, snow-covered house on a Friday night to find a group gathered together for worship. [READ MORE]

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