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The Bold Witness of a Transformed Life

I want to tell you about Ludmila, who was the first believer in village of Oktyom. She was in a difficult marriage where her husband beat and neglected her terribly. She literally despaired of life itself. But she was not alone. For in the village of Moxogollokh, where Pastor Valery had planted the first church in Yakutia and where young Stas had come to faith, another woman was being moved by God. [READ MORE]

Encouraging the Hearts of Faithful Missionary Pastors

With my wife Elena, I have spent the past 10 days in many meetings, conversations, and storing up many impressions. In the beginning of our trip, we were able to visit SGA-sponsored missionary pastor Vyacheslav Tkachenko in Bezenchuk. This brother is filled with radiance and joy! Every day, he asks God to fill him with the joy of the Lord. You smile just because you are around him. [READ MORE]

Encouraging the Church in Ukraine

SGA president Michael Johnson had a wonderful meeting where he heard from some of the 107 missionary pastors across Ukraine. They talked about a variety of ministries including church planting, Chernobyl ministries, and initiatives to minister to children with physical challenges, just to name a few. [READ MORE]

Citizenship in Heaven for a Youth Without a Country

The Lord has led us in a wonderful way in our ministry to people who have troubled lives. It all began with our ministry to children, and that eventually led to organizing an introductory course to the Christian faith for their parents. We have led missions trips to neighboring Mongolia, and are involved in camps for children and youth. Seven young people attending our church have recently repented and trusted in the Lord Jesus for salvation. [READ MORE]

A New Aviation Ministry Takes Off

In 1992, a sister with an evangelistic heart began to reach out to villages extending to Provyeda. She shared the Gospel and distributed Bibles, but the distances to cover were great. One night, she dreamed of an airplane—one that would carry missionaries to these villages. And they all began to pray. [READ MORE]

The Gospel Goes to Prison

My church has been visiting a local penal colony since 1996. The worship service takes place in a room that seats 40 people. I began the ministry alone, but later other believers joined in to help in this ministry. It is wonderful that men became new believers in the services, and then joined our church after their release from prison. Today, they serve the Lord with all their hearts. They are witnesses of God’s love and mercy! [READ MORE]

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