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In the day of my trouble I shall call upon You,
For You will answer me (Psalm 86:7)

Despite several diplomatic efforts, the country of Ukraine remains in deep crisis. Violence continues in the eastern part of the country between separatist militants and Ukrainian government forces trying to restore order and control. Faithful evangelical churches—both Russian and Ukrainian—are reaching out to refugees from the violence and other victims in the love of Christ. That’s why SGA created the Crisis Evangelism Fund—to help them seize this opportunity to reach their hurting people with the Gospel and meet their deep physical needs!

Urgent Crisis Response

Much has happened alongside the turmoil that began in 2014, and continues now. Several cities and towns in the east sustained heavy damage from the violent battles. Infrastructure is damaged and many have lost their jobs. Refugees fleeing from the violence have flooded into other parts of Ukraine, to Russia, and other nearby countries. Individuals and families who have remained behind face enormous economic challenges. A lasting peace remains very uncertain. Sporadic fighting continues and the urgent needs of the people remain.

Evangelical churches want to keep helping the refugees and meeting their needs, as well as devastated families in the conflict zones. They are asking for our continued assistance, and we need your help.

SGA’s Crisis Evangelism Fund helps local pastors who have few resources, and enables their churches to distribute vitally important food aid, as well as Bibles, Christian literature, and other essentials. Most important of all, distressed families and individuals are hearing the life-changing Gospel and experiencing the love of Christ—the only true hope for ultimate peace and reconciliation. The Crisis Evangelism Fund helps Ukrainian Christians make an eternal difference in the lives of men, women, and children whose hearts have been broken by what has happened to their lives, and to their country.

Your gifts to the fund can help accomplish so many things. As examples, $15 can help provide a food pack, which can contain items such as flour, cooking oil, pasta, and other staples plus Christian literature. Larger gifts can provide other items like mattresses, pillows and bed linens, plus Bibles and evangelistic literature. And as always, the Gospel is central to our ministry efforts. The churches and missionary pastors will be enabled to reach out as needs arise in specific locations. Gifts to the fund can also provide Bibles and Christian literature, and support the ministries of missionary pastors whose churches are in the conflict zones.

If you would like to help, click here: Thanks in advance!

SGA has been working in Ukraine and other former Soviet countries since 1934—serving churches and reaching the lost with the Gospel. If you would like more information, please browse through our website, and your calls are always welcome at 1-800-BIBLE-50.

For the latest news about Crisis Evangelism Fund activities and prayer needsclick here….

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