How Immanuel's Child Works

Every $25 given toward our Immanuel’s
Child outreach will provide substantial
Christmas gifts. These gifts will help
establish a loving link between you and
Russian children as well as their families.

Here's what your church's love will provide each child...

  • A signed Star of Bethlehem ornament from families in your church showing how God's love spans the globe.
  • A special Christmas gift—purchased locally, lovingly wrapped and presented by Russian church workers.
  • Russian-language Christian children’s literature.
Children's gifts
  • Other items such as candy, fruit, warm clothes or other toiletry items will also be included.
  • Russian-language discipleship materials given to the local church—vital for the follow-up ministry that will take place throughout the year!

Dedicated Christians from local Bible-preaching churches in the former Soviet Union will deliver these gifts and work one-on-one with children to make disciples in this vast land where the Lord is needed so desperately.