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That the generation to come might know . . . (Psalm 78:6).

God’s Word tells us of the importance of children in the eyes of God. In Russia and her neighboring countries, generations are growing up with little or no knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ, and reaching them with the Gospel is critical.

Russian children and their families face monumental challenges. Economic conditions have been unstable since the Soviet collapse, and even two decades after the end of atheistic communism, millions are left with an enormous spiritual vacuum. Parents want better lives for their children, and they are deeply grateful when caring local church workers show genuine love to their little ones. Because of this, evangelical churches have tremendous opportunities for evangelistic outreach and discipleship ministries dedicated to children. Best of all, as the children are shown Christ’s love through the local church and believe the Gospel, the children often become the evangelists to reach their whole families.

Children are the church of tomorrow, and whether it’s through SGA-sponsored summer camps, orphan ministry or Sunday schools, the God-given opportunities to reach them are truly vast.

Nadezhda’s New Hope in Christ

My name is Nadezhda Kozel, and I am 16 years old. I was born into a dysfunctional family and ended up living with my two youngest sisters in the local orphanage.

This is Your Creator!

Out on the banks of the Ob River, we held three camps for children and youth of different ages. We called it Bethel – the House of God. The purpose of the camp was to reach children with the Gospel, teaching biblical truths even as we had many fun activities together. We had two shifts in the camp with 80 children, and half of them were kids from unsaved families.

Nothing is Too Difficult for Our God

In a strategic region of Belarus, Pastor Boris is diligently laboring for the sake of the Gospel. Summer children’s camp season recently concluded, and the enemy tried to raise numerous obstacles to keep the camp sessions from happening. But . . . the things that are impossible with people are possible with God (Luke 18:27).

The Quiet Witness of a Child

Across Russia and her neighboring countries, there are many regions where Islam is dominant. Evangelical churches in these areas must carry out their ministry very discreetly due to the potential danger involved. But they share the Gospel faithfully, and the Holy Spirit works through the preaching of His Word in the hearts of those who hear.

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