Orphans Reborn

You have been the helper of the orphan (Psalm 10:14).

You can help reach Russian-speaking orphans for Christ throughout the year!

Across Russia and her neighboring countries, there are more than 700,000 children living in state-run orphanages or children’s homes. While many are true orphans, still more are “social orphans” who have been taken away from their parents due to abuse or neglect, or have been abandoned to the state because their parents are unable to care for them. Their physical and spiritual needs are enormous. Most of these kids will never be adopted into a loving family. Without Christ, they face a dismal future of abuse, neglect, drugs, crime and even prostitution.

Orphans Reborn ... Reaching Orphan Children for Christ!

In Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Armenia and Central Asia, a number of state-run orphanages are allowing local missionary pastors and church workers to come in and share Christ’s love with their children. These faithful church workers are loving, nurturing, discipling and teaching these precious children about the love of God and the hope of the Gospel. In 2016, almost 7,000 orphan children in 101 orphanages participated in Orphans Reborn programs. With your help, we can reach even more!

Through Orphans Reborn, we have the opportunity to help these church workers visit orphans on a regular basis, give them Bibles, provide emergency food and clothing, and disciple those who choose to follow the Lord.

You Can Help

Each $60 gift makes it possible for a trained Orphans Reborn worker to reach one of these precious children with the Gospel for an entire year, plus a special outreach at Christmas. This outreach of both discipleship and evangelism is conducted every month throughout the year, even in the harshest winter storms, and usually they are able to minister to these children on a weekly basis. You can securely give now on line, or contact us by phone or mail.

Thank you in advance for supporting Orphans Reborn!