Orphans Reborn - Testimonies


While we often receive joyous reports and testimonies from SGA-sponsored Orphans Reborn workers across the lands of Russia, we also hear stories that break our hearts from time to time. Tanya’s story is no exception — and is yet more evidence of how important your support for the Orphans Reborn ministry truly is.

According to Dima Nachina, one of our Orphans Reborn coordinators in Belarus, 14-year old Tanya began coming to Bible studies. “At first, her teachers thought it was just another hobby for Tanya, but they were mistaken. Tanya’s interest was sincere. Since beginning with us, she has never missed a class except when her teachers did not allow her to come.

“Every Sunday, she came to worship services and had someone with her. Her interest was proven by her actions. But on a recent Saturday, Tanya came up to me and asked us to pray for her and for her teachers. She told me that they had lately been very angry toward her, and forbade her from coming to the Bible classes. Tanya didn’t react to them in any way, and they did take her with other children to a museum. Even other children began to laugh at her for her faith. Tanya is like a sheep among wolves. But the main thing is that Tanya remains in good cheer, and in spite of everything continues to come to our classes.”

Dima asks that we not only pray for Tanya, but also for the teachers, that their hearts might be softened toward Tanya and the Gospel. Pray also for the other children who are coming to the Bible studies. May the seeds of faith planted grow and bring much fruit for the glory of Christ!



Masha came to faith in Jesus while attending our Bible classes in the orphanage at Esaulovo. She is now grown up, and helps us in our work. I want to teach her how to lead Bible studies herself in the future.

-Krasnoyarsk, Russia


Anastasia came to the orphanage two years ago. She immediately started attending our Bible lessons and actively participated in the classes. At one of the lessons, we gave an invitation and she prayed the prayer of salvation. Her mother had been very unkind to her, but now she is being adopted in America. Pray that she will never forget the Lord and the miracle He performed for her in saving her and giving her a new family.