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SGA Prayer and Praise Items

JULY 2015

2—We are so thankful to the Lord for our steadfast partners in ministry who help sustain SGA’s ministries through their generous giving and prayers. May God bless and reward each one for their faithfulness!

3—Pray today for SGA president Bob Provost, and our leadership team—vice presidents Rosemary Gianesin and Eric Mock, and Bret Laird, executive assistant. Ask for God’s ongoing guidance in setting our ministry priorities.

4—This month begins a new fiscal year, and summer is a time when giving often declines for many ministries due to vacations and other commitments. Pray for God’s ongoing provision, as the needs remain present year round.

5—Belarus is a nation where the church faces many difficult challenges, including heavy restrictions on public ministry. Please pray for our brothers and sisters, asking God to grant greater freedom to preach the Gospel outside of church walls.

6—Intercede today for the staff of SGA’s Minsk Regional Ministry Center (RMC), led by Piotr Podrez. We are thankful for each team member and their dedication to the churches and the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

7—Valery Pereshein is among several SGA-sponsored missionary pastors who conduct compassion ministry and food distribution among needy families. Pray for these pastors and church teams as they model the love of Christ through caring for the poor.

8—Please pray for the faculty and students of the SGA-sponsored Minsk Theological Seminary. We are thankful for God’s provision in providing sound Bible training for future pastors, Christian education, and youth ministers across Belarus.

9—As the summer camp season continues, please pray for the Little Pearl diagnostic camp near Kobrin, which SGA assists as God provides. Many children who are afflicted with Chernobyl-related illnesses pass through the camp and hear the Gospel while there.

10—With any national conflict, the churches have a tremendous opportunity to show the unity and love of the body of Christ. Ask God to protect the unity and Gospel zeal of the evangelical churches we serve across Ukraine and the other CIS nations.

11—Pray today for Ruslan Muratiev, director of SGA’s Kiev RMC. Their ministry schedule is always busy, but with the ongoing crisis in the east, things are especially hectic as they labor to get needed resources to the churches.

12—We praise and thank the Lord for the SGA-sponsored seminaries in Ukraine—Irpen Biblical Seminary and Odessa Theological Seminary. Pray for the students as many are ministering in their home churches and on summer practicum assignments.

13—Lift SGA’s Crisis Evangelism Fund (CEF) in prayer today. Ongoing funds are needed to provide Bibles and Christian evangelistic literature, as well as food, warm clothing, and other humanitarian aid for displaced refugees from the east.

14—Remember Ukrainian UECB president Pastor Valery Antonyuk in prayer today. May the Lord grant him great wisdom and anointing in these days of trial for Ukraine.

15—As summer camps proceed, we expect many attending children to be from refugee families out of eastern Ukraine. May the Lord grant them a time of rest at the camps, and most importantly, open hearts to receive the Gospel and the truth of God’s Word.

16—Because of the conflict in the east, there are certain regions that remain dangerous for evangelical churches to minister openly. Pray for the security of the church teams distributing food, evangelistic ministry, and other aid across the afflicted regions.

17—The eastern cities of Donetsk and Lugansk, as well as surrounding villages, have received much damage due to the armed conflict. Pray for the protection of local churches and believers, asking God to grant them ability to minister His love and to be ambassadors of peace.

18—Lift Dr. Igor Yaremchuk, president of the SGA-sponsored Irpen Biblical Seminary, in prayer today. Igor loves to minister as an evangelist in addition to his busy leadership responsibilities.

19—Pray for Pastor Alexei Smirnov, president of the Russian UECB, and Pastor Sergei Sipko, who is his senior vice president. May the Lord grant them wisdom and enable them to be an encouragement to the pastors and churches they oversee.

20—SGA-sponsored missionary pastor Alexander Malshakov visits several prisons as part of his ongoing ministry in Russia’s Kirov region. Ask the Lord to open many inmates’ hearts to the Gospel.

21—The ongoing crisis involving Ukraine and related sanctions against Russia by Western nations have had serious economic impact on the population—impacting evangelical congregations and their families. Lift our brothers and sisters before the Lord today.

22—Pray for the staff of SGA’s Moscow RMC, led by Valery Kazakov. May they be a constant blessing and encouragement in their service to evangelical churches across Russia. We are thankful for their tireless service to Christ.

23—We continue to lift the potential for aviation ministry across Far East Russia before the Lord. Much territory remains to be reached with the Gospel, and the terrain is often difficult to access, especially in winter.

24—In addition to his role as president of the UECB in Kazakhstan, Pastor Franz Tissen also serves as president of the Euro-Asiatic Baptist Union, which unites church leaders in all the former Soviet nations. Please join us in praying for Franz and his family today.

25—It is fascinating to see how many founding leaders of the modern State of Israel were from Russian-speaking Jewish families. We are thankful to the Lord for allowing SGA to serve Russian congregations with Bible training and Russian-language literature.

26—National governments across Central Asia continue to tighten laws and bureaucratic restrictions on evangelical churches and their right to worship freely. Please lift our brothers and sisters in prayer amid much oppression.

27—Pray for the many summer camp ministries now in progress across Central Asia and the Caucasus region—many of which must be conducted quietly due to opposition. Pray for the salvation of many children as they hear of Christ’s love.

28—Please intercede for SGA’s board of directors. Ask God to grant them His ongoing wisdom and anointing in guiding our global Gospel ministries.

29—We praise and thank the Lord for the ministries of SGA’s international offices in Canada, New Zealand, Australia, and the United Kingdom. May the Lord grant them abundant resources for advance of the Gospel where they are diligently serving.

30—Pray for Anne Wallman, SGA’s new Advancement Coordinator, who began this past spring. We are thankful to the Lord for leading her to us for this very key responsibility.

31—Reflection: We conclude July remembering what God has done for us through the Lord Jesus’ victory on the cross ... For He rescued us from the domain of darkness, and transferred us to the kingdom of His beloved Son, in whom we have redemption, the forgiveness of sins (Colossians 1:13-14).

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