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SGA Prayer and Praise Items


19—While the Caucasus Mountains can be difficult for evangelical churches, children’s ministries such as Orphans Reborn are reaching many boys and girls with the Good News of Christ’s love for them. Pray for the resources needed to help more churches reach the orphans in their regions.

20—Pray for SGA’s Bible training director in Israel, and for the Russian-speaking congregations he serves there. It is fascinating to learn how much Russian Jewish immigrants have been involved throughout modern Israel’s history.

21—In the remote mountains of Tajikistan are many tiny villages where poverty is severe, yet hearts are open to hear of God’s love and the life-changing Gospel. Please lift our missionary pastors there as they lift up the name of Jesus.

22—In Acts 4, we learn that Barnabas’ name means “Son of Encouragement.” Join us in asking the Lord to grant us the ability to encourage one another in the midst of today’s trials, and especially churches in the CIS where conditions can be so difficult.

23—Please remember Dr. Nick Porublev, director of SGA/Australia, in prayer today. Nick had back surgery last year, and we are continually interceding for his continued health and strength for ministry.

24—We are thankful for SGA’s chief financial officer Beverly Braunsky, and for Cindy Beaumont—our Human Resources Manager. Pray for them, as well as for SGA’s administration division, in these days of transition and increased responsibilities.

25—Pray for SGA-sponsored missionary pastor Eugene Bakhmutsky, who in addition to pastoring Moscow’s growing Russian Bible Church, has also added seminary-level Bible training to his responsibilities. May God bless and direct Eugene’s steps each day.

26—Online social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter are one of many ways Christian ministries today communicate what Christ is doing through them. May God grant SGA wisdom in how we use these resources to connect more partners with Gospel opportunities in the CIS.

27—Please lift SGA’s board of directors in prayer. We are thankful for these dedicated men who give of their time and resources to oversee our mission along with Bob Provost, SGA’s president.

28—We praise God for the young men and women who have come to Christ through SGA’s Orphans Reborn ministry, and as adults, have chosen to become part of the ministry to reach other orphans like themselves for Christ. May God bless and encourage their hearts today.

29—Many SGA partners contact us to share their prayer needs with us, and our staff lifts them to God in our prayer time each morning. We are thankful for these opportunities to stand with our faithful partners before the Lord in intercession.

30—Pray for Pastor Alexei Smirnov, president of the Russian UECB, as well as the other Baptist Union leaders across the entire CIS. The challenges they face are significant, but God is faithful and He will build His church despite the enemy’s opposition.

31—Reflection: We close January with King David’s prayer of confidence in our God and Father ... Answer me when I call, O God of my righteousness! You have relieved me in my distress; be gracious to me and hear my prayer (Psalm 4:1).

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