You Help Reach Orphans Like Vitya Through Work, Friendship, and the Bible!

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Helping the Forgotten

Julia with her new Bible.
Your Support Sows Seeds . . . and Changes Lives! »

Ministry to Christian and non-Christian families in Achinsk, Russia, has continued to take place even in the midst of COVID-19 restrictions.

Praying with a family during a visit.
Your Participation in God’s Love is Changing Lives! »

Since SGA began the Christ Over COVID outreach in the spring, we have received an incredible number of reports from missionary pastors.

Reaching out to local families through Compassion Ministry.
Your Love Touches the Most Forgotten »

Across Russia’s 11 time zones, thousands of individuals and families are living in heartbreaking poverty. But compassion ministry is transforming lives!

1905 Sga May Enews Your Gifts Help Preview
Your Gifts Help Hurting Ukrainian Refugee Families »

Report from an SGA-sponsored pastor near the war zone Gennady Savenkov, SGA-Sponsored Missionary Pastor in Zaporozhye, Ukraine Three years ago, refugees from the Donetsk region in the eastern Ukraine

Your Gifts Are Showing Needy Families Christ’s Love in Action »

Across the former Soviet countries, millions of individuals and families are mired in deep, heartbreaking poverty. Seven decades of atheistic communism and economic upheaval have ravaged their lives.

Your Faithful Support Gives Physical Training
Your Faithful Support Gives Orphans Spiritual Discipleship, Physical Training . . . and Families of Prayer Warriors! »

Vladimir Khalyavin Orphans Reborn in Krasnoyarsk, Russia As part of our ministry in Russia’s Krasnoyarsk region, God has given us a vision to find families for each orphan child. Not all can be

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Your donation will help change lives in former Soviet Union countries of Eastern Europe and Central Asia.