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Orphans Reborn

1906 Sga Jul Enews Your Support Reaches Preview
Your Support Reaches Orphans in Central Asia »

With every day that passes, oppression of evangelical churches is steadily increasing across the former Soviet countries of Central Asia.

Your Faithful Support Gives Physical Training
Your Faithful Support Gives Orphans Spiritual Discipleship, Physical Training . . . and Families of Prayer Warriors! »

Vladimir Khalyavin Orphans Reborn in Krasnoyarsk, Russia As part of our ministry in Russia’s Krasnoyarsk region, God has given us a vision to find families for each orphan child. Not all can be

In The Cafe With The Guys 2
Young Orphans Find Hope in the Word of God »

An Orphans Reborn team reaches children who have been abandoned by their parents and are in difficult circumstances.

Alexei And Vitya Work Together
You Help Reach Orphans Like Vitya Through Work, Friendship, and the Bible! »

The Orphans Reborn team in Krasnoyarsk, Russia, started a camp for orphan children to learn of potential jobs they could have in the future.

Anton, Maxim, and Eva with Vyacheslav's children.
You Help a Pastor Reach Troubled Orphans »

Vyacheslav and his family saw God at work in the lives of three orphans after an orphanage asked them to take the children into their home.

“Why is There So Much Suffering?”
When Orphans Ask: “Why is There So Much Suffering?” »

So many children carry so much sorrow. Orphans Reborn in Smolensk, Russia Each Easter Sunday is a wonderful day—especially for orphans. We can discuss what a great act of love God showed on

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