You Help Reach Orphans Like Vitya Through Work, Friendship, and the Bible!

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Summer Camps

Julia with her new Bible.
Your Support Sows Seeds . . . and Changes Lives! »

Ministry to Christian and non-Christian families in Achinsk, Russia, has continued to take place even in the midst of COVID-19 restrictions.

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A SGA-Sponsored Children’s Ministry report from Vasily Kolesnik and Tatyana Zhurba Melnikovo is a village of some 8,000 people located in the Tomsk region in western Siberia—a place known for

Alexei And Vitya Work Together
You Help Reach Orphans Like Vitya Through Work, Friendship, and the Bible! »

The Orphans Reborn team in Krasnoyarsk, Russia, started a camp for orphan children to learn of potential jobs they could have in the future.

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We Prepare and Yet God’s Plan Is Bigger »

Our plans are not always the Lord’s plans. We can prepare and even have expectations for a certain event, and yet God’s plan is bigger. And so, we are thankful for SGA-supported Pastor Dima, who

This is Your Creator! »

Out on the banks of the Ob River, we held three camps for children and youth of different ages. We called it Bethel – the House of God. The purpose of the camp was to reach children with the

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These Kids Send You Their Thanks… »

My parents don’t believe in God. When I came to the camp it was all new for me and interesting. The other children stood up for prayer and at first, I didn’t want to but I did out of respect. I

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