Praying, Sharing, and Harvesting the Fruit

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Youth Ministry

"CROSS" Children's Meeting
Praying, Sharing, and Harvesting the Fruit »

Fruitful outreaches over Christmas and the New Year in Kineshma, Russia, have led to many new children and adults attending Bible lessons!

1908 Sga Aug Enews How You Helped Preview
How You Helped Reach Villages in Far East Russia! »

Local Authorities Welcome Children’s Ministries Artyom ZemlyanovFar East Russia I am joyful and thankful that the Lord Jesus has opened up villages in our region of Far East Russia for preaching

Immanuels Child Update
First Report From Immanuels Child! »

While most SGA-sponsored Immanuel’s Child outreaches take place around January 7 (Russian Christmas), many evangelical churches also hold them on or around December 25. Today we received the first

WE NEED TO GO! Young Believers Respond to the Desperate Need, and Open Door, in Spiritually Desolate Villages.
“WE NEED TO GO!” Young Believers Respond to the Desperate Need in Spiritually Desolate Villages »

Eric MockVice President of Ministry Operations The vast, harsh landscape of Far East Russia contains hundreds of villages that have never heard of God, much less the Gospel. Miles upon miles can lie

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