“Summer Bible Camp from the Sky” Reaches Remote Children!

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Those in Remote Areas

1908 Sga Sep Enews Young Couple Brings Jesus Preview
Young Couple Brings Jesus to Far-Away Chukotka! »

From Moscow and California, they live in Far East Russia to bring good news to despairing people We both recently traveled to the Far East region of Chukotka, located in the extreme northeast right

1903 Sga Mar Enews Young Preview
Young Christians Take the Gospel to Rural Yakutsk Villages! »

Egor Mikhalev and Dmitri Tatarenko report from Yakutsk In November, our team of young people visited the mountain village of Myttah Berdigestyah in Yakutia. This is a small community consisting

The first flight.
With Your Help, Aviation Ministry Takes Off in Far East Russia! »

Mikhail writes of how God is using his skills in aviation to enable believers to take the Gospel of Jesus to the unreached.

1911 Sga Nov Enews D War Zone Preview
WAR ZONE: Providing God’s Love to Shattered Children »

In July, we had the opportunity to go into the war zone in eastern Ukraine and hold a camp for local children.

Waiting and Wanting to Hear »

Russia’s vast Far East region could really be called Earth’s “last frontier” in terms of Gospel witness. As noted previously, the land area is nearly the size of the lower 48 United States.

Training in Irkutsk
Training Pastors in Eastern Siberia »

Two Antioch Initiative Training pastoral training courses were recently completed in Irkutsk, a city in eastern Siberia: “Typical Problems in Biblical Counseling,” and “Biblical Counsel for

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