“The Lord did not leave Ukraine, and He is with us!”

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Ukraine Conflict

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Without Water, Light, or Heat, Alina Waited for Her Opportunity to Evacuate »

It has been said that a picture is worth a thousand words, but for this testimony, we have many words and no picture. Our friends in Ukraine continue to be grateful to God for all the efforts of SGA

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With 90% Unemployed, A Church Steps In to Feed a Hungry Village… and Share the Gospel »

Praise God for friends like you who are committed to advancing the Gospel! Amid suffering, God is moving mightily to draw all people to Himself. Hear the story of one SGA-sponsored church's efforts

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Where There’s a Van, There’s a Way »

God has made a way for SGA-supported Pastor Oleg and his church to help more Ukrainians in need. Through the generosity of friends like you, He provided a van so that Oleg and his team can continue

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Where Hostilities Continue, Ministry Flourishes »

SGA-supported pastors like Anatoliy in Ukraine continue to need our prayers. He has chosen to remain with his family and serve the needs of his community — and of Ukrainian refugees who need

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What Seems a Total Loss Might Be a New, Glorious Beginning »

What in the human sense seems a great tragedy — as is the Ukraine war — God often uses for His good. Angelika was moved from her home and led to a church in Russia where she heard the Gospel and

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Wartime in Ukraine: Planting New Churches in God’s Timing »

On the day before SGA-supported Pastor Ruslan’s most recent report was received, the city where he serves in Ukraine was hit by several missiles. And yet, as you will read, the Gospel is going

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