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Ukraine Conflict

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Working Heartily As for the Lord »

In case you forgot — your partnership with SGA-supported churches in Ukraine makes you a minister in the Lord’s harvest. SGA-supported Pastor Vasily acknowledges your critical role in his message

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Without Water, Light, or Heat, Alina Waited for Her Opportunity to Evacuate »

It has been said that a picture is worth a thousand words, but for this testimony, we have many words and no picture. Our friends in Ukraine continue to be grateful to God for all the efforts of SGA

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With Such Sacrifices God Is Pleased »

Churches supported by SGA in one region of Ukraine are sharing the hope of the Gospel with each food package they deliver and every opportunity they encounter to offer assistance. Praise God for

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With Simple Stoves, God Is Reaching Ukrainians in Need »

The simple stoves that generous friends like you have helped to provide through our Ukraine Heat & Hope Campaign are more than what they appear. Watch the video:

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Winter Relief Needs Continue in Ukraine »

The cold winter months are still upon the people of Ukraine, and power outages due to damaged infrastructure in the war continue. SGA-supported Pastor Andrey is asking for your support once again to

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Willing to Help Their Neighbors in One of Ukraine’s Hardest-Hit Regions  »

Pastor Aleksandr rightly compares generous friends like you to the Good Samaritan (whose example of compassion we read about in Luke 10:30-37).

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