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Reaching Ukraine’s Suffering Families with Emergency Aid and the Hope of the Gospel »

Editor’s Note: The images below were provided by an SGA-sponsored pastor in the village of Avdeevka. Your love in action

Liliya (middle, in white) and other ladies receive much-needed bags of aid.
WAR REPORT: On the Ukraine Front, People Struggle to Survive—Yet Christ Comes to Them Through Your Gifts! »

The bloody war in eastern Ukraine that began in 2014 continues to devastate thousands of individuals and families.

Taking Christ’s Love Into Ukraine’s War Zone »

SGA-sponsored missionary pastors regularly travel to the war zone of eastern Ukraine to share the Gospel and help people

Providing food and hygiene items.
Helping Hands in the Ukraine War Zone »

Businesses are closed and people are without jobs, but SGA-sponsored workers are helping desperate families survive by

1910 Sga Articles Kravchuk Preview
Spreading the Gospel — at Home, in Ukraine, and to the United States »

A report from SGA-sponsored missionary pastor Roman Kravchuck in Ukraine. Dear friends, partners and co-workers, on behalf

1909 Sga Ministry Email 2 Preview
SGA Leaders Bring Teaching and Encouragement to Ukraine »

SGA team member Vasily Z. shares a year-to-date ministry report   The past year has been a time of blessing for our

1909 Sga God Is At Work In Ukraine Preview
God Is at Work in Ukraine »

A praise report received from SGA-sponsored missionary pastor Sergei T. From time to time, we see the nation of Ukraine

1903 Sga Prayer Alert Ukraine Preview
Your urgent prayer support is needed for churches in Eastern Ukraine! »

According to SGA-sponsored missionary pastors in the region, and leadership in the Union of Evangelical Christians-Baptists

1903 Sga Mar Enews Immanuel's Child Preview
Immanuels Child Report from Ukraine »

Forgotten by the World, But Not Forgotten by God—or You! Eric MockVice President of Ministry Operations It has been an

The People of Eastern Ukraine Continue to Endure the Trauma of War
The People of Eastern Ukraine Continue to Endure the Trauma of War »

  In recent days, fighting has flared up again in eastern Ukraine. The latest media reports say cease-fires have been

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