Millions Facing
Urgent Needs in UKRAINE
Pain and suffering, violence and bloodshed, heartbreak, and hopelessness are part of every headline today.

But for the family of faith, we see the other side of the story — the story of God’s people sharing hope, passing on the Gospel, passing on the love of God in Christ Jesus.
Help Suffering Ukrainians

News from the Front Lines

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Our Friends in Ukraine Continue to Suffer »

Ukrainians continue to face great pain and hardship with the ongoing war. Please praise God with us for the aid we can send — thanks to the exceeding generosity and kindness of friends like you!

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“Even as missiles fall and they have very little heat, believers run into the battle to help others in need.” »

Fellow believers in Ukraine are taking critical actions and risks to help those in need. In our recent report, Christians continue on in ministry despite difficult obstacles. Because of you,

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“For most, the winter they face and the constant hardship is the new normal.” »

The “new normal” looks different for many, and for Ukrainians caught in war, a new normal often entails great suffering. Facing harsh freezing temperatures, a lack of infrastructure, conflict,

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“We thank you very much for the care . . . for not leaving us.” »

God is taking what you give — your gifts and your prayer support — and opening hurting hearts to the hope of the Gospel. Through your generosity, He is providing generators to churches in our

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What Churches in Ukraine Need as the Harsh Winter Approaches »

Through our Winter Heat and Hope Project, believing friends like you have the opportunity to give generously — so that SGA-supported churches throughout Ukraine can turn their buildings into

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Food and the Gospel Shared at the Front Lines of Ukraine »

Winter is here for thousands of sufferers in Ukraine—including many on the front lines. In our most recent report, food and the Gospel were shared with vulnerable families, children, seniors and

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Pray, give and help pastors, churches and families facing urgent physical and spiritual needs.

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Pastors Request Prayer

SGA-supported missionary pastor from the Chernigov region asks us to pray for God’s protection. He has no opportunity to flee to a safer place.

SGA-supported church planter in Odessa asks prayer for wisdom as he directs people to move to the rural Odessa region away from the city. People are in panic as stores are being emptied and gas stations ran out of gasoline.

SGA-supported pastor from the Sumy region asks us to pray for peace as people are told to prepare for the worst. They were warned that water and electricity might be cut off. Most believers are staying in the city.

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Please pray for the pastors, families, elderly, and children facing the war in Ukraine.

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