Israel Desperately Needs the Gospel—A Hope that Does Not Disappoint

Slavic Gospel Association (SGA) has ministered to Slavic refugees in Israel since the late 1940s, when we placed our first missionary there. We have been serving—very discreetly and largely behind the scenes—through formal Bible training schools that serve Russian and other Slavic immigrants. We also support ingenious, Russian-speaking pastors who are planting churches and reaching their own – as an estimated up to 1/3 of Israel’s population is Russian or of Russian descent.

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Now, with the unprecedented scope of violence and need in the Israel-Hamas war, we are asking friends like you in the SGA family of supporters, to help us extend the love of Jesus and provide what is needed most to the people we are serving in Israel. This includes many Russian-speaking congregations and Ukrainian refugees who have fled war-torn Ukraine (losing everything) and now find themselves in the middle of another conflict.

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Christians must stand with Israel in this dark hour and bless those who are now searching for a hope that does not disappoint. Through SGA’s Compassion Ministry,
your generosity will help SGA-supported, Russian-speaking congregations and pastors reach Jewish people who are hurting and struggling. They are turning toward our brothers and sisters in Christ for help, who they may have never met before these heartbreaking days. But in God’s providence, and in the midst of a bloody war, He has opened this door to share the Gospel!

Please give as the Lord leads now and pray with us that God will open the eyes of many hearts in Israel so they will take refuge in Him.

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For every $120 you give, you can help a family in need hear the message of the Gospel and receive a food package that will last for one week. Your generous offering of $240 will help two families. And if you can even share $2,400, you will help 20 families.


A Request from Angelina in Israel:

“We are praying without ceasing for God’s protection in Israel . . . We are safe physically, but our hearts are very heavy and broken. We believe that Israel will win with God’s help, but there is a long road of recovery for all of us here in Israel.”

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“There was still hope that God would not allow the rockets to hit my car.”

Delivering Relief Supplies Helps Open Doors to Gospel Conversations

Oleg—SGA’s director of Bible training—has been delivering food, medicine, and other items of need under the cover of night to people who have been devastated by the war in his community.

After a night of delivering groceries and ministry outreach recently, Oleg returned to …

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SGA is firmly committed to good stewardship of funds entrusted to us by our friends and donors. We promise to use your gifts wisely and effectively in Christ’s name.
SGA, through our sponsored churches, pastors, and missionaries, has been ministering to the spiritual and physical needs of Slavic-speaking people since 1934. And we will continue to work through our network of churches to support them spiritually and physically in the months and years to come, by God’s grace.
Your donation will help change lives in former Soviet countries of Eastern Europe and Central Asia.
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