Help reach the most vulnerable children in the former Soviet Union countries through Orphans Reborn.

Urgent Prayer Needs:
  • Praise to God from a pastor in Ukraine who received humanitarian aid: “[Our church] expresses its most sincere gratitude to all our friends and sponsors who generously donate to provide with these products and help our churches and our people. We are grateful to God.”
  • Pastor Mykola is asking God to bless generous friends like you who have provided his Ukrainian church with a generator. “We are sincerely grateful to you, dear friends, for it . . . when there are power outages, it will be a great help to us. May the Lord bless you all abundantly!”
  • Praise God! He recently provided a generator for SGA-supported Pastor Ruslan’s church in Ukraine. “It is a blessing for us now,” Ruslan says, “because we can preach the Word of God to unbelievers at any time.”
  • Please lift up the body of Christ in Avdeevka. The battle rages daily in this part of Ukraine, but the Church continues to meet and to praise God. May He strengthen His people!
  • Pray for continued spiritual growth for displaced people in Ukraine like Anna: “I am grateful to God for saving me! Why am I saying this so freely? Because when we were escaping from the occupation, only God could have done this!”
  • Lift up Pastor Mykola and his congregation as they live near a region in Ukraine which could be on the front line of the war very soon. We ask the Lord to protect these servants and bless their outreach to non-believers in the community.
  • Pray for perseverance for Pastor Eugene’s church in Ukraine. “People around us are watching how the church will act in such difficult circumstances,” he says. “Therefore, it is up to each of us depending on what impressions our neighbors will have, what authority Christians will gain during the war.”
  • Please pray Galatians 6:9 for Pastor Viktor and others faithful servants like him who continue to serve the Lord in Ukraine: “Let us not lose heart in doing good, for in due time we will reap if we do not grow weary.”
  • Praise God that all 100 people who found comfort at a volunteer center established by an SGA-supported church in Ukraine saw both their mental and physical health improve. This happened as they sought help and hope during the war . . . and came to know about Jesus!
  • Pray for congregations in Ukraine. May God’s faithful ministers there provide food, encouragement, aid, and spiritual support for those who are suffering.
  • Pray for the most vulnerable in Ukraine, including children, the elderly, the disabled, and the poor. May God bless them and provide for their every need. Thank you for being an answer to their prayers!
  • Praise God that we are finally able to provide solar-powered battery systems to the people of Ukraine! Please pray that these items will arrive safely to their destinations, and that more can arrive for those churches and their communities in greatest need.
  • Please lift up Svetlana, Vitaly, Yury, and Arthur. An SGA-supported church in Ukraine is ministering to each of these displaced persons. Pray that they would put their faith in Jesus Christ and cling to the hope of the Gospel.
  • We thank God for His provision for churches in Ukraine—and the people they minister to—through your generosity and prayer support. What you are doing is making an eternal difference and for the glory of God!
  • Pray for students at Irpen Seminary and Polish Baptist Seminary, as the need for missionaries and ministry leaders continues to grow. Please pray that God will provide more workers for the harvest in Ukraine and the surrounding countries, including in higher education.

The Gospel in Life

From our founding in 1934 through today, SGA has been working with churches in Russia, the former Soviet countries of Eastern Europe, and Central Asia to share the Gospel, help train leaders for the church, and to help the hurting and forgotten in the name of Jesus.

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Sharing the Gospel

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