Millions Facing
Urgent Needs in UKRAINE
Pain and suffering, violence and bloodshed, heartbreak, and hopelessness are part of every headline today.

But for the family of faith, we see the other side of the story — the story of God’s people sharing hope, passing on the Gospel, passing on the love of God in Christ Jesus.
Help Suffering Ukrainians

News from the Front Lines

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Responding to the Needs of Ukrainian Refugees in Belarus »

SGA-supported Pastor Mikhail and his church have helped Ukrainian refugees who have fled their homes during the ongoing war in Ukraine. And thanks to the generous support of friends like you,

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The Impact of a Simple Wood-Burning Stove »

Generous friends like you continue to help provide simple wood burning stoves through SGA’s Ukraine Winter Heat & Hope Campaign! We praise God for this outpouring of support as the harsh winter

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Let There Be Light . . . and Heat »

Thanks to the generosity of friends like you, the first shipment of generators is arriving at SGA-supported churches in Ukraine. Please rejoice with each SGA-supported church who has received this

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Heat and Hope Arrives in Heavily-Targeted Ukrainian City »

More simple wood-burning stoves have arrived! Cold homes in a Ukrainian city that has suffered some of the worst attacks during the war now have heat — so they can survive during ongoing power

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“If it were not for God, we would not have survived.” »

This is the story of how God used one SGA-supported pastor in Ukraine to bless a Ukrainian at two times in her life — in her formative years as she was young in the faith and today in her time of

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Ukrainian Christian Shares the One Generator He Has to Help Keep Others Warm »

Recently, we received one of the most touching reports we’ve ever had the privilege to share. The heart for Christ that is evident in this story is enough to move anyone to tears! Read the full

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Pastors Request Prayer

SGA-supported missionary pastor from the Chernigov region asks us to pray for God’s protection. He has no opportunity to flee to a safer place.

SGA-supported church planter in Odessa asks prayer for wisdom as he directs people to move to the rural Odessa region away from the city. People are in panic as stores are being emptied and gas stations ran out of gasoline.

SGA-supported pastor from the Sumy region asks us to pray for peace as people are told to prepare for the worst. They were warned that water and electricity might be cut off. Most believers are staying in the city.

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Please pray for the pastors, families, elderly, and children facing the war in Ukraine.

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