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Jun 28, 2024
Editor’s Note: The following testimony and images were provided by an SGA team member in Ukraine.

Pastor Oleg tells of how the SGA remains steadfast in helping the needy, especially the elderly who are often neglected. In the midst of chaos, the team continues to minister to nursing homes by providing care and sharing the Gospel. Your support and prayers help us bring hope and comfort to those in desperate need.

Greetings in the Lord, dear friends!

We are grateful that despite the extremely difficult situation around the world, (and for us, it is our own country_ SGA’s mission remains faithful in helping our needy people, the elderly, who are especially in need of support and care. War is a time of bitter tears, a time of sorrow and crying. It is difficult to look at people’s grief and experiences and remain indifferent. That is why we Christians cry with those who cry. And this is one of the most demanded ministries to our people.

The enemy does not stop trying to destroy Ukrainian land. Russian troops continue to systematically shell civilian homes, energy infrastructure, and attack the defense line. This time of fear, panic, and crisis should be used to preach the Gospel. What can comfort people more than hope in the Lord? We are convinced that these days we have to wait on the Lord more than ever…

This region suffers greatly from constant shelling. But our hope is only in the Living God! Our team is visiting a home for the elderly who are being abandoned and neglected. The government is barely able to provide food for such institutions.

Therefore, we feel that we have a responsibility to serve wherever possible to reach out to these elderly people, who are often unable to take care of themselves, and tell them about Christ, about eternity, about salvation. This is the place where people listen and do not run away.

We first started ministering in orphanages, and later in nursing homes. God showed us a special need for the Gospel for these people who no longer have any sense or strength to live. We also serve some poor families and low-income people. In nursing homes, 70% of the residents are women and 30% are men. On average, 40-50 people live in each nursing home, 10-15 of whom are bedridden or already disabled. Others are here simply because of old age, often abandoned by their children and relatives. It’s very interesting to meet the intelligentsia in nursing homes, sometimes I met old people who knew three to four languages, or were doctors and teachers in the past.

Once, in a local nursing home, we met Mrs. Iryna, a Jewish woman who had worked as a gynecologist all her life and had been performing abortions every day for 50 years.

In another nursing home, we met a man who had worked for the KGB all his life against believers. This man had once thrown many people into prison and camps, and here we are, believers, bringing him the Gospel, food and diapers. The Lord, in His mercy, granted these people repentance in the last years of their lives. What a joy!

At the moment, we are working in 11 nursing homes in the region, and in one nursing home in another region. Basically, we visit each home once a month, hold services, and provide various assistance. There are already some nursing homes where people have been baptized, so we visit these people, our brothers and sisters in Christ, twice a month. We visit the home where there is already a church every week. This is the home for the elderly. God grants repentance to the old people, sometimes during the service, and we preach verse by verse, analyzing the Word of God, sometimes people repent in the last hours of their lives. We already have a small church in the nursing home—14 members, and 30-35 people attend the service. Praise the Lord for His mercy and grace to such people.

During the war, the Lord opened the doors for the Gospel in our local church as well. Every Sunday we hold a service for refugees and poor families. About 300-350 people come to church. God has given us the opportunity to gather refugees from Kherson, about 15-20 people in a group, and to minister in seven villages in surrounding regions.

Thank you for your love and sacrifice! May the Lord bless the ministry of SGA!

P.S. Please view all the photos about our ministry.

In a time of great uncertainty, God is bringing help, healing, and hope to the people of Ukraine through SGA-supported pastors, churches, a seminary and SGA-supported Compassion Ministry. Be a part of God’s incredible work with your generosity and prayer support.

Your gift of compassion helps struggling people with emergency aid that generally includes Scripture materials, food, and hygiene supplies.

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