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Jul 16, 2024

Many former Muslims are coming to faith and being seen in the churches throughout Tajikistan today—including an SGA-supported pastor, whose identity we must protect. “We did not hide from our family that we had become followers of Christ,” he says. “Of course, pressures, threats, and abuse from our father and relatives came upon us afterward.” Read more about the great cost that followed.

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Support the work of going, telling, and making disciples where millions still don’t know Jesus.

Compassion Ministry

The faithful evangelical churches SGA serves strive to follow the example of the Lord Jesus in demonstrating His compassion by word and deed.

Bible Training

Preparing faithful pastors, teachers, youth leaders and children’s workers for lifetimes of ministry is vital for evangelical churches across Russia and SGA partners are committed to helping them.

Summer Camps Youth Ministry

Each summer, the gifts of SGA partners help make it possible for hundreds of children to attend church-run Christian camps across the lands of Russia.

Immanuel’s Child

Help SGA bring the hope of the Gospel to “hopeless” girls and boys in Russia and the surrounding countries at Christmastime.

Missionary Pastors

Help change young lives of unwanted, broken children and give them hope and a future.

Ukraine Relief

Help change young lives of unwanted, broken children and give them hope and a future.

Crisis Evangelism Fund

Crisis Evangelism Fund reaches out to meet the special needs of people living in regions or countries ravaged by war, extreme violence, and acts of terror.

Orphans Reborn

Help change young lives of unwanted, broken children and give them hope and a future.

Jul 09, 2024

For many years, Artyom has organized SGA-supported Summer Bible Camps for teenagers in his community in a former Soviet nation. Not long ago Artyom was approached by a young man named Dmitri, who was also organizing outdoor activities for youth. Dmitri thought they could combine their efforts, but God had different plans. It wasn’t about a partnership. Instead, it was about Dmitri’s salvation:

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Jun 17, 2024

When we think of the largest groups of people unreached by the Gospel, those in Africa and Asia may come to mind. But as SGA-supported Pastor Dima was reminded recently, there are also entire villages in Ukraine where only one person has believed in Jesus Christ. “There is no church in this village,” he writes in his ministry report. “And only one woman is a believer.” Read more and pray:

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