Crisis Evangelism
Ministering to Suffering People in Dangerous Regions

Help share food, clothing, and other critical supplies along with the life-changing Gospel.

The SGA Crisis Evangelism Fund reaches out to meet the special needs of people living in regions or countries ravaged by war, extreme violence, and acts of terror.

People in various parts of the former Soviet Union have been living in trauma. Children and youth are thrown into situations they may find impossible to understand, while their parents struggle to make sense out of conflict that is increasingly hard to explain or endure. Only the God of the Bible can bring peace and hope through the saving grace of Jesus Christ and the life-changing work of the Holy Spirit. Your gifts in support of SGA ministry to people in crisis is used to help bring hope and peace from God.


“People who come to our volunteer center somehow stopped calling it that, and instead, started calling it a church,” shares SGA Storyteller Angela who serves alongside her husband Val, an SGA-supported pastor in Ukraine. Please pray for them as they lead this vibrant volunteer center turned church. We praise God for their faithful service and commitment to advancing the Gospel.

I Will Pray For This

Help the Hurting

The wounds of conflict run deep. Body and soul feel the impact and pain that only God can truly heal. Your support of the Crisis Evangelism Fund meets deep human needs in Jesus’ name.

When SGA began seeking support for our Crisis Evangelism Fund, the violence in Ukraine was only just beginning. Thanks to you, our partners, we were quickly able to begin equipping the evangelical churches with emergency funds to provide food parcels and other assistance to refugees from eastern Ukraine and the Crimea region.


As time went on and the fighting continued unabated in the east, SGA staff and UECB church leaders discreetly toured the combat zones to assess the local needs of SGA-sponsored missionary pastors and their congregations. The pastors and their families had significant needs themselves. But the opportunity for Gospel ministry had been granted by the Lord. Faithfully, they have seized it by taking the love of Christ to unbelieving families whose lives had been shattered.

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Your donation will help change lives in former Soviet countries of Eastern Europe and Central Asia.
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