The People of Eastern Ukraine Continue to Endure theTrauma of War

In recent days, fighting has flared up again in eastern Ukraine. The latest media reports say cease-fires have been violated by both sides with artillery, machine guns, grenade launchers and mortars. Since April 2014 when the conflict broke out, more than 10,300 people have been killed in the fighting.

This ongoing conflict is beyond tragic, and the key reason why SGA’s Crisis Evangelism Fund is so vitally important. Because of the prolonged conflict and the impact on thousands of families, the Crisis Evangelism Fund is dangerously low and in urgent need of donations.

We received the following thank you note from missionary pastors distributing the aid that you help provide…

The People of Eastern Ukraine Continue to Endure theTrauma of WarFrom the bottom of our hearts, we thank you for helping our people in the Donbas region. Thanks to your constant help, our Sunday schools are full of children from the families to whom we have ministered. Teenagers are coming to our youth meetings, and even some parents have already started visiting our churches.

We have been able to support those who lost their family breadwinners and other loved ones. We have helped widows as well as other displaced refugees women who are raising children all by themselves. Some of them have received Christ as their Savior, as they were going through very hard times. Others are open to listen and talk about spiritual matters as we meet their material needs. All the supported widows are heartily thankful and many of them told us that they were not expecting such help.

SGA’s Crisis Evangelism Fund helps provide food items, clothing and footwear, linens, and other needed items. Bibles and Christian literature are always part of every aid distribution, and doors are opened with individuals and families to share the love of Christ and the life-changing Gospel. Please pray for additional resources, as the needs are sure to continue increasing as colder weather arrives … and an end to the fighting is not in sight.

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