Orphans Reborn
There Is Hope When a Hurting and Vulnerable Child Encounters Jesus

At-risk children need a Savior. Help shine the light of Jesus in their hearts.

More than 700,00 children are jammed into often bleak, underfunded, cold orphanages across Russia and Eastern Europe.

At 18, they’ll “age out” to government provided housing — with no idea how to care for themselves, who to trust, or what to do next.

Russian-speaking children like these are easily lured into drugs, crime, or prostitution just to survive. Some simply commit suicide because they have no hope. By sharing Christ’s compassion, church-based volunteers engage with at-risk children and teens through Orphans Reborn ministry. Providing humanitarian aid, love, Bibles and Christian literature, and discipleship helps give them hope and a future!


As SGA-supported Pastor Dima was reminded recently when he traveled to the frontlines to deliver aid, there may be entire villages in Ukraine where only one person has believed in Jesus Christ. “As always, we [shared] the Gospel and support,” he says. “There is no church in this village, and only one woman is a believer.” Please pray that the seed of grace sowed by Dima and his team will grow!

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Discipleship Ministry

Bible studies with a trained and loving local Christian worker can point a child to Christ.

It is estimated that 50,000 children become orphans each year. Yet out of this tragedy, the fields are ripe for a harvest of young souls! Every year, SGA helps biblically sound churches reach out through our Orphans Reborn ministry in five countries. Most of the orphans have never been told who Jesus is. When trained church workers disciple them, these hurting children are brought to tears of joy and repentance. They learn there is a God who deeply loves them . . . who sent His Son to die for their sins . . . who rose from the dead . . . and who offers to forgive their sins and give them new and eternal life.

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Just $60 helps reach one orphan for a year with the love of Christ.

We have willing, church-based Orphans Reborn volunteers ready to give at-risk children and teens humanitarian aid, love, Bibles, and often weekly discipleship. The need is great, but you can help supply the funding and help change a hurting child’s life forever.

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Your donation will help change lives in former Soviet countries of Eastern Europe and Central Asia.
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