Team builds loving relationships that soften hearts

Vladimir K.
SGA-Supported Orphans Reborn Team (Krasnoyarsk, Russia)

Dear friends, thank you for your partnership and support! Through our joint effort and ministry, the Kingdom of God is being expanded and our Lord is glorified! One example is the move of God’s Spirit in Russia’s Krasnoyarsk region. 

Vladimir with Daniil and Lina
Vladimir with Daniil and Lina

Since last year we have been ministering to the children here, as through our activities they were learning about Christ. I especially want to mention how the Lord is reaching Lina and Daniil; they recently decided to join our ministry to troubled children and teenagers. Lina and Daniil are developing their relationship with Christ.

Daniil comes from a single-parent family, and is living with his mother and grandmother, without a father. He is very open to Christ and already comes to Sunday church meetings. This month, Daniil is participating in conducting classes for children in the neighborhood and is glad that he can serve them in some way. At the Women’s Day festive gathering, Daniil was given two bouquets for his mother and grandmother; the first flowers, which he would give to his loved ones. He was very shy and said that he did not know how to do it. No one had taught him to give flowers to his loved ones before, and it became a good experience for Daniil. He is very inspired by such an attitude towards him, as he experiences the care and love of God on himself.

Class for neighborhood children.
Class for neighborhood children.

Lina comes from a crisis family and finds it difficult to build relationships with other people. She recently shared about her changes, “Before, I would have yelled and been rude if I was not respected or listened to, but now I want to support the kids and help them with their assignments in the class. They started treating me differently, and I was even surprised how I could influence them with a kind attitude and love!”

On the Women’s Day holiday, we organized the sale of flowers in the neighborhood and invited Lina to help, so that she could make some cash for her family, helping her mother financially. She was very happy about the opportunity to earn money (at other part-time jobs people often cheat and do not pay). I also offered her to choose flowers for her mother, sister and niece (we made nice large bouquets for Lina’s loved ones).

When we congratulated Lina and gave her a bouquet of beautiful pink tulips, she was touched and almost burst into tears. Those were the first flowers she had ever received in her life. Lina invited her friend to this festive activity who was very impressed, and we also gave the girl her flowers. We are grateful to God for the opportunities to build relationships with these special teenagers. All glory be to Christ Jesus! Thank you and blessings from the Lord!

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