Ukraine Relief
Ukrainians Living in Crisis Need Aid and Hope That Endures

Hearts are open like no other time. Help provide emergency aid in Jesus’ name!

Millions Facing Urgent Needs in UKRAINE

Pain and suffering, violence and bloodshed, heartbreak, and hopelessness are part of every headline today.

But for the family of faith, we see the other side of the story — the story of God’s people sharing hope, passing on the Gospel, passing on the love of God in Christ Jesus.


As SGA-supported Pastor Dima was reminded recently when he traveled to the frontlines to deliver aid, there may be entire villages in Ukraine where only one person has believed in Jesus Christ. “As always, we [shared] the Gospel and support,” he says. “There is no church in this village, and only one woman is a believer.” Please pray that the seed of grace sowed by Dima and his team will grow!

I Will Pray For This

Generators for Churches

Amidst widespread power outages, churches can continue ministry with generators.

Air strikes have damaged Ukraine’s power infrastructure during the ongoing war and threatened to interrupt ministry. That’s why SGA-supported pastors are overjoyed to receive generators for their churches. Not only is a generator a way for worship services, prayer meetings, Bible study groups, and more life-changing gatherings to continue — but God has provided this device as an outreach tool to seekers in the community who come to the church to charge their cell phones while they hear the Word of God preached. What a blessing it is for Ukrainian believers who are committed to assembling together and encouraging one another in the Lord!


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“The situation ins Ukraine remains difficult,” Pastor Igor says. But . . . “the church remains the one that points to imperishable hope, comfort, and helps in every possible way.” We praise God that as a result of distributing emergency aid in his surrounding community during the war, Igor is seeing people who are now sincerely seeking God! Please pray that Igor and his congregation will persevere and be faithful to God’s call. May those who have been touched by this church’s outreach want to hear more and more about the Lord.

I Will Pray For This

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