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Jun 21, 2024

It is wonderful to see how God has used a vibrant volunteer center as a “light of hope” in Ukraine to draw more people to Himself. “People who come to our volunteer center somehow stopped calling it that, and instead, started calling it a church,” explains SGA Storyteller Angela who serves alongside her husband Val, an SGA-supported pastor. See this volunteer center turned church in action:

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People Sga Helps Families Praying

You Can Help

Discipling a family today helps establish their relationship with God and builds a legacy of faith.

Summer Camps Youth Ministry

Each summer, the gifts of SGA partners help make it possible for hundreds of children to attend church-run Christian camps across the lands of Russia.

Crisis Evangelism Fund

Crisis Evangelism Fund reaches out to meet the special needs of people living in regions or countries ravaged by war, extreme violence, and acts of terror.

Compassion Ministry

The faithful evangelical churches SGA serves strive to follow the example of the Lord Jesus in demonstrating His compassion by word and deed.

Immanuel’s Child

Help SGA bring the hope of the Gospel to “hopeless” girls and boys in Russia and the surrounding countries at Christmastime.

Ukraine Relief

Help change young lives of unwanted, broken children and give them hope and a future.

Bible Training

Preparing faithful pastors, teachers, youth leaders and children’s workers for lifetimes of ministry is vital for evangelical churches across Russia and SGA partners are committed to helping them.

Orphans Reborn

Help change young lives of unwanted, broken children and give them hope and a future.

Missionary Pastors

Help change young lives of unwanted, broken children and give them hope and a future.

Jun 13, 2024

SGA Storyteller Tatiana shares the story of a grandmother named Maria who has opened her home in Moldova to her children and grandchildren. They were struggling to meet their family’s basic needs. But then Maria’s church helped them receive food aid through SGA-supported Compassion Ministry. It was through this loving outreach that they heard the Gospel and saw the goodness of God:

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Jun 07, 2024

Praise God that this past winter, displaced Ukrainians who had little or no access to heat were able to survive. “People take great care of us,” Vera says of the SGA-supported church who gave her winter relief supplies. “They provide us with blankets, food, and medicine . . . we are very grateful to God.” Read more messages of gratitude from people who received emergency help and Gospel hope:

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