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Editor’s Note: The image and story below were provided by an SGA Storyteller in Belarus.

There are many verses in the Bible that speak of the evil within a human heart. In this story, good and evil are portrayed in the voices of several children in an orphanage where an SGA-supported church’s Orphans Reborn team member was visiting. He had opened a discussion about whether the children wanted their lives to get better, and he was surprised by the answers of some: “I don’t need school knowledge, when I grow up. I will be so cruel and evil that no one can beat me at it. I’ll humiliate and trample everyone.”

The leader felt great sorrow in hearing these words. Yet, there was another orphan, who was full of forgiveness and only desired to go home and be with her drunken mother. It didn’t matter that her mother had treated her poorly. It only mattered that she would be with her mom. Here is more about Masha’s story, as told by our SGA Storyteller . . .

In the orphanage where I visit, I asked the children a question: ‘do you want your life to be better and more joyful?’ Some answered: ‘yes, we do.’ Others said that they like cruelty, violence, and promiscuity. They would like to have a lot more of it in their lives than they have already seen. I pray for these kids that God will open their eyes to the trouble they are putting themselves in. I feel very sorry for them. In all my attempts to bring to their minds the good words of Jesus and about the love of neighbor, good deeds, a peaceful heart, and reasonable actions, I hear one answer ‘It is not for us.’ Of course, I do not lose hope that the situation will change, and they will realize their mistake.

In the photo you will see the little girl, Masha. She is small, thin and it is her third time in the orphanage. Most often the stories of these children are similar to each other. Mom and dad are drunk, there is nothing to eat at home, it’s cold, and the light is cut off for non-payment. Masha was taken away from her negligent parents and placed in an orphanage. No matter how bad it was at home, all the children still want to go home, and Masha is no exception. She says that soon her mom will take her home. ‘I want to go home; mom is good, but she drinks.’ How kind this girl’s heart is, that she is ready to forgive her mother no matter how she treats her, and only explains that the reason is that it’s her mom.

I thank God that we have a unique opportunity to somehow influence the life of orphans. And I am thankful to all who participate with us in our ministry to orphans. God bless you!”

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Our world is full of great evil, as we have seen all over the world lately. But it is also full of very kind hearts, willing to love and forgive. That is why it is so very important for us to continue to love and nurture the children in these orphanages through Orphans Reborn outreach. Please be in prayer for the many who enter into these buildings, whether it be a loving servant of God or a lonely child who needs to hear of the Father’s love.

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