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May 27, 2024
Editor’s Note: The following story and images were provided by an SGA team member in Central Asia.

As an SGA-supported missionary pastor, Anatoly continues to share the Gospel in northeast Ukraine, and he’s grateful for the ability to minister and provide aid to those in need. He shares more in this report:

Easter greetings to you all our dear friends in the Lord! Christ is Risen! He is Risen Indeed!

Since the beginning of the war, due to shelling and the horrible situation in our territories, most of our church members have fled northeast Ukraine. In our church remain mostly elderly people.

In the very beginning of the war, all the stores were empty, even bread was hard to buy. And when there were any products in the stores, huge lines of people would form. Later, people were searching for food. Through other missions and churches, God made it possible to bring some products to our church.

So, when we started distributing food to people in the church, the Word of God started to spread rapidly through our small town and people began coming to the church. Firstly, they would come only for food. Then, they came to stay in the worship services and listen to God’s Word.

On Easter Sunday, many people came to the church worship service and there were not enough seats inside the House of Prayer for them. We praise the Lord for His work in their hearts! Since then, more new people have started coming to the church services, despite the fact that we were announcing that we would not be giving out food aid. But they still would come! But now we are so grateful to SGA and many other sponsors, who continue to donate and help our ministry here in Ukraine go on in dangerous circumstances of war. And the fact that people continue to be interested in attending our church services says that the process of turning their hearts to God is going on. Praise Jesus for such an opportunity to serve our people! So, thank you so much for your help with the food aid. We are once again able to serve these needy people. And the most valuable thing is the grateful hearts of those who thank not only us, but also God for the grace shown to them!

May the Name of the Risen Christ be glorified in Ukraine through your faithful ministry!

Thankful For Grace In Ukraine Testimony

Testimony #1 (a family from a border town)

Good afternoon, everyone. We are IDPs from a city located at the border with  Russia. We have been under occupation for seven long months. It was horrible—everyone was in extremely difficult conditions, tortured and abused. When we had the opportunity to escape away from the war zone, we did it immediately. Now we are in a nice town. The local evangelical church took care of us and continues to do so. God, Whom we did not know personally, began to reveal Himself to us through the ministry of the church members. This is a good testimony for us and we are happy that through the difficult circumstances of the war, God brought us to this House of Prayer.

We are very grateful for the food aid. This is a great support, because we have no job to earn money for food. We have no help from the government either. Therefore, we thank our good friends from abroad who continue to support us and who pray for our country! Peace to all of us and a full victory!

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