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Editor’s Note: The following video was provided by Eric Mock, Senior Vice President of Ministry Operations for SGA, during a Pastor’s Retreat event.

We all face challenges every day. Some may be minor obstacles that impend us. Others may be gigantic trials that try our faith.  For pastors in Ukraine, the challenges they are currently facing seem almost too mountainous to overcome. And yet, when we are tried the most, the faithfulness of God shows up all-the-more

During a recent SGA-supported Pastor’s Retreat event, Eric Mock had the opportunity to speak with Pastor Viktor and his wife. Viktor shared both of the challenges of life in Ukraine, and also of faithfulness God, the church, and SGA friends. Hear his heart in this video:

Please continue to pray for Viktor, his wife, and the churches in Ukraine. Pray that all of us, by the grace of God, would stay faithful during all of life’s challenges.

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