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SGA’s “Encountering Hope” podcast features inspiring testimonies of believers who are overcoming very difficult circumstances in Russia, Ukraine, and the former Soviet countries of Eastern Europe and Central Asia.

Each podcast episode includes a Bible-based life application to help you grow in your faith and enhance your daily walk with the Lord.

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. . . and hope does not disappoint, because the love of God has been poured out within our hearts through the Holy Spirit who was given to us.
(Romans 5:5)

Episode 062
VBS: From Obstacles to Miracles

When our plans go awry, it’s easy to get discouraged. But we must realize that God has a better plan. Pastor Pavel recently told us about his summer camp and Vacation Bible School outreach where he encountered frustrating problems right at the start.

Episode 061
A Refugee’s Hope: The Gospel of Christ

Many refugees have fled to Belarus during the war in Ukraine. But each one has offered an opportunity for pastors like Viktor to reach out with aid and the Gospel. Here’s how providing food packages to Tatiana and her family is already bearing fruit.

Episode 060
Igor: From Abandonment to Belonging

Little Igor lives with his grandparents in Russian-occupied eastern Ukraine. Pastor Vladimir shares Igor’s story and tells us how the boy learned about the love of family after experiencing heartbreaking abandonment.

Episode 059
Change-Maker: Jesus and the Bent Woman

The Orphans Reborn teams sees many children who struggle with the loneliness of constant change. Listen as they share the story of Diana, who like the bent woman, learned how to place her trust in God and let Him be the change-maker she needed.

Episode 058
Retirement Dreams-Heavenly Realization

Pastor Vladimir tells the story of three Christian sisters and the difference between how each prepared for their final days. Listen as he shares how each of these ladies professed their love for God up to their last breath.

Episode 057
Truth Prevails: Young Hearts Rejoice

After a week of Summer Bible Camp in Belarus, Pastor Andrei saw 97 campers respond to the truth of the Gospel! Kids like Tanya and Artem were removed from the pressures of the world. And at camp, they found hope in Jesus and unexpected joy.

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