Help Christians Reach Hurting Orphans Now

Refugee orphans from the Ukraine war are coming to evangelical churches sponsored by Slavic Gospel Association in various nations! We are finding these hurting orphans on the streets. Others stumble into churches for shelter. Still, others are flooding into crowded orphanages. The challenges have grown, and we need your help.

In other nations of the former Soviet Union, including Russia, more than one million orphans on streets or in institutions are easy prey for crime, human traffickers, or addiction when they leave at age 18—their hearts hardened.

Just $5 a month will help bring safety and essential aid to a hurting orphan.

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You can reach them now—and change them for ETERNITY with Jesus’ Gospel—through SGA’s Orphans Reborn ministry.

Trained Orphans Reborn volunteers are ready to give them:

  • Humanitarian aid
  • The saving Gospel
  • Bibles and Christian literature
  • Ongoing, often weekly, discipleship
  • A Christian community to guide them

We still lack the funding to reach this rising flood of orphans! Will you reach out to one or more orphans at this critical moment of need?