Help Christians Reach Shaken, Searching Ukrainians

Widows, orphans, soldiers, and the elderly—they are flooding into evangelical churches supported by Slavic Gospel Association (SGA)!

Brave but traumatized Ukrainians flock to these churches for food, shelter, medicine—and even the use of life-saving solar-powered battery chargers.

As they come, they get crucial survival resources. They get compassionate comfort and counseling. And they get the saving Gospel of Jesus Christ. Thousands are coming to faith!

To serve the growing crowds, the churches need help . . . from more Americans like you. SGA has been supporting sound biblical churches in the former Soviet Union since 1934. Our network includes more than 2,000 churches in Ukraine.

Ukrainians Holding Blankets

Your gift helps churches provide:

  • Nourishing food and water
  • Crisis counseling
  • Wood-burning stoves
  • Medicine and hygiene essentials
  • Use of solar-powered battery chargers for essential devices like phones
  • Bibles and Christian literature
  • Funds to sustain basic church outreach
  • Preaching and teaching of the Gospel and all of God’s Word

Please give now to help suffering Ukrainians experience Jesus’ love and salvation!