INITIAL REPORT: God Gives Fruit During Summer Camp in Central Asia

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Central Asia

1906 Sga Jul Enews Your Support Reaches Preview
Your Support Reaches Orphans in Central Asia »

With every day that passes, oppression of evangelical churches is steadily increasing across the former Soviet countries of Central Asia.

Women's meeting at the House of Prayer.
The Harvest Continues in Central Asia »

In one local town, it seemed there was no way that cold hearts that had been frozen by atheism could melt, but God had a plan!

The Fruit of Compassion Ministry »

As you all know SGA is very much involved in the compassion ministries in Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and Tajikistan. I want to share a story sent to us by a minister in Central Asia

1804 – Sga – Apr Camps Article – Web Feature (preview) Page Image – 375×140(2)
Thank You for Helping Me Find the Lord! »

Larissa Zotova, who leads the SGA-sponsored Orphans Reborn team in Central Asia, sent the following short testimony from a young boy who received Christ in summer camp. It is a tremendous example of

Showing the love of Christ
Showing the Love of Christ to Families in Desperate Need »

A report from the SGA-sponsored Compassion Ministry team in Central Asia Not long ago, we received a report from Oleg, an SGA-sponsored missionary pastor in Central Asia. He visits needy families in

Delivering needed aid has opened doors for the Gospel to be shared.
SGA-Supported Churches Minister in Severe Drought and Heat »

SGA-supported missionary pastors and workers in Kazakhstan have found that delivering needed aid opens doors for the Gospel to be shared.

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